The sustainable alternative to plastic


Oryzite is a worldwide patented method created to incorporate rice husk up to 85% in all types of thermoplastic composites. It is the result of a R&D project of more than 10 years, developed between Iban Ganduxé (CEO of Oryzite) and the Montsià Rice Chamber.

The initiative arose to reuse the rice husk leftover from the millions of tons of rice produced each year since it is indigestible for humans, which makes it one of the largest agro-industrial by-products in the world. 

Thanks to Oryzite technology, it is possible to treat and reuse this agro-industrial by-product and convert the rice husk into raw material that allows replacing the plastic and, therefore, reduce its use and its derived waste. Thus, at Novsus we bet on Oryzite as the basis of all our products. 

Nowadays, Oryzite has very diverse applications: Rysticks, components for the automotive sector, urban material, buttons, hangers, etc.

Oryzite is a material made with renewable, sustainable raw materials,
100% biodegradable and free of microplastics. 

It is a good example of circular economy, the one that uses the least
resources and the one that causes the least waste.


Oryzite production is carried out in the same plant of Montsià Rice Chamber where rice is processed. It has processing facilities of about 34.000m² and a rice cultivation area of 8.400 hectares. The Chamber produces about 60.000 tons of rice each year and it has the capacity to produce 14.000 tons of Oryzite per year.



What are the advantatges of using Oryzite?


  • Reducción de un 80% de plásticoReplaces the use of plastics up to 85%
  • Reducción de un 80% de plásticoReduces greenhouse gases because it requires less time and manufacturing temperature and also its weight is lower
  • Reducción de un 80% de plásticoRice husk acts as carbon fixer, which is the reason why Oryzite is also an emissions collector
  • Reducción de un 80% de plásticoProduction times and energy consumption are reduced
  • Reducción de un 80% de plásticoProvides strength and dimensional stability
  • Reducción de un 80% de plásticoRecords low moisture absorption
  • Reducción de un 80% de plásticoWith fewer polymers, you obtain the same injection volume