In the recent years, these three words have continuously been repeated in advertising campaigns that warn us of the importance and the urgency of acquiring more responsible consumption habits: “less plastics”, “reuse more, throw away less”, “recycling is everyone’s business”.

At Novsus we have the solution of 3R’s in a single product: our cosmetics jars!

Cosmetics jars we present in Barcelona collection reduce the use of plastic up to 80% since we replace it with Oryzite, rice husk. Furthermore, by reducing plastic, we also reduce the carbon footprint and, therefore, offset Greenhouse Gases (GHG). 

We present our jars in three ecological solutions: reduce, recycle and at home.

In the reduce solution we use virgin polymers + rice husk (Oryzite). With a reduction of plastic up to 80%.

In the recycle solution, we use recycled plastics, which we also mix them with Oryzite (rice husk), thus, reducing its use up to 80%. This recycled plastic comes from accumulated plastic waste, which we now take advantage of and reuse it as raw material to manufacture new products, such as our cosmetic jars from Barcelona collection made by Novsus.

In the at home solution, we use a polymer of natural origin + rice husk (Oryzite), with a 40% reduction of this natural base polymer. This ecological solution is compostable at home, and it allows that once product in the container has been consumed, it can be deposited with the organic matter from home.

Once the life span of our jars is over, either because the interior content is finished or because the period of consumption has expired, our jars material can be recycled to manufacture and create other products.

This is our secret!

At Novsus, we work daily to find new sustainable solutions and always improve our productive habits towards others even more responsible, thus, contributing to the protection and preservation of the environment and our Planet



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