In a society increasingly concerned about the environment and focused on curbing the consequences of climate change, consumers have become more and more demanding and selective, even a change in purchasing habits has begun to be noticed, penalizing companies that harm our environment. As a reaction to this, companies seek communication strategies to convey their values and responsibility to the environment, although in many cases these practices are only communicative and have nothing to do with the actual practices carried out by the companies, which continue to pollute without respecting the environment. That is to say, what is known as greenwashing or “face wash”. 

Apparently, greenwashing is just a ‘misleading’ way of selling to the public a corporate social responsibility that doesn’t really exist

At Novsus we completely disassociate ourselves from the practice of greenwashing and we are going to tell you why!

We are supported by the fact that the basis of all our products is Oryzite: rice husk, an agricultural by-product inedible for humans that comes from the millions of rice tons produced each year. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that products we offer are 100% sustainable and therefore we do not need to do greenwashing

The fact of directly taking advantage of rice husk allows us to considerably save the natural capital for the manufacture of our products. In addition, once their useful life is over, the products created with our materials can be recycled and reused, thus, initiating a new cycle and re-feeding the circular economy system – the one that uses the least resources and produces the least waste –. Novsus complies! 

During the production process, thanks to Oryzite technology, we have achieved unprecedented energy efficiency, since we obtain 16kg of Oryzite for every kW used. Likewise, we can manufacture our products at a lower temperature, which allows us to save energy, reduce our carbon footprint and offset greenhouse gases (GHG).

At Novsus, we are green on the outside and on the inside! 

If you still have any questions about our commitment to the environment, both at a corporate and manufacturing level, contact us, we are transparent and we will be happy to answer them.


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