At Novsus we are committed with circular economy as the basis of our business philosophy.

We know that saving raw materials is a necessity to preserve our planet, as it is also, using less energy to produce new products and reducing the amount of waste generated. The fact that the base of our materials, AKEA and NARAVA, is Oryzite (rice husk), allows us to fulfill these three points and manage to close the economic and ecologic flows of the resources we use.

1) Being Oryzite rice husk, it supplies itself without having to use or produce new raw materials, but instead, we take advantage of and recycle this agri-food by-product, derived from the rice tons cultivated annually and not edible for humans.

2) Another of its advantages is energy efficiency, since in its manufacturing process, we obtain 16kg of Oryzite for each kW used, and consequently, we help to reduce carbon footprint. Moreover, it also allows us to inject at a lower temperature, which, again, favors energy savings.

3) Thanks to Oryzite technology, products made with our materials, AKEA and NARAVA, can be fully recyclable and reused to create other products and thus start the cycle again.

Unlike the linear economic model, based on “taking, manufacturing, consuming and removing”, circular economy is not so aggressive to the environment, since it entails a significant reduction of natural capital and recovers waste and/or agricultural by-products – as it is the case of Oryzite – generated in the linear economic cycle and reincorporates them, again, to a new production process.

Through our materials, at Novsus we manage to be part of what nowadays is known as circular economy and we guarantee a second useful lifetime to our products, as well as the restoration of their life cycle. 

Are you up for the challenge?



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